1. Establishment and Development History    

The Faculty of Medicine of Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP) was established in July 1979 to meet the need of medical education in Mekong Delta. With the desire to constitute and elevate the medical sciences and healthcare system in Mekong area, the Faculty of Medicine has imposed the forefront of health education which enabled the optimism of the healthcare innovation in the region.

Initially, when there were not enough lecturers, the subjects of basic sciences were taught by lecturers of Can Tho University for the first batch of undergraduate medical students. From 1979 to 1984, the theoretical subjects of medical syllabus were mainly accomplished by the lecturers attained periodically from Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

In December 1979, there were three new medical doctors graduating from Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy joining the Faculty of Medicine as constant lecturers and being responsible for theoretical lecturing. Meanwhile, the clinical training and instruction were performed by experts from Hanoi Medical University and clinical specialists from Can Tho General Hospital (previously named Hau Giang General Hospital). 

Since 1985, the Faculty has annually recruited academic lecturers from honor lists of the newly medical doctor graduates trained locally who had excellent academic records. Accordingly, the Faculty had expanded and received the second campus. In 1996, the Faculty subsequently became the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Pharmacy which then opened its doors to the first training program in Dentistry in 1996 and the first training program in Pharmacy in 2000. Since December 2002, when CTUMP was established, the Faculty of Medicine has become one of the CTUMP’s faculties which is responsible for multiple training programs and research related to medical sciences.

 2. Mission

The Faculty is devoted to provide a wide range of training programs including Undergraduate (Medical Doctor), Postgraduate (Master, Residency, Clinical  Specialist Level I and II) and many other training programs (Medical Certificates, Clinical Attachment, Short-term Training Courses, Certificates of Medical Technology (Technician), Bachelor of Medical Technology (Technologist), In-service Medical Doctor). On the other hand, the Faculty is also assigned to maintain continuing medical education (CME), applying and transferring medical technology as well as conducting medical research.

In addition to political duties, the Faculty is also involed in multiple other responsibilities consisting of boosting international cooperation in all fields, stimulating and supporting studying as well as performing self-training for the university staffs and gradually standardize the qualifications of lecturers to efficiently conduct various types of education programs. Moreover, it is imperative to renew the syllabus and teaching methods which are shifting to student-centered teaching and problem-based learning; to develop and complete the curriculum and simultaneously make an educational evaluation objectively. Besides, the task of upgrading and modernizing the infrastructure and teaching facilities; and applying achievements of information technology into teaching and learning.

Likewise, it is also responsible for participating in social activities and carrying out the increasing responsibilities to the community. All of these activities are aimed at fulfilling the increasing demands of the society in health education as well as ensuring that the resources of the university scientists   are not only sufficient in number but also being competent in capability to handle the complex challenges in the coming eras.

 3. Faculty Administration Office

Dean:   Dr Ngo Van Truyen, MD, PhD

Email: nvtruyen@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile: 84919245648

Vice-Dean: Dr Le Minh Ly, MD, PhD

Email : lmly@ctunmp.edu.vn

Mobile:     84913145424

Vice-Dean: Dr Le Van Minh MD, PhD

Email: lvminh@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:     84989369975

Undergraduate Training Assistant:

Name: Dr Tran Tin Nghia, MD, MSc

Email : ttnghia@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:     84932884091

Post-graduate Training Assistant:

Name: Dr Hoang Minh Tu, MD, MSc

Email : hmtu@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:     84969994242

Research & International Relation Assistant:

Name: Tran Thien Thang, MD, MSc

Email: ttthang@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:   84915999996

Student Affairs Assistant:

Name: Nguyen Thai Thong, MD

Email: nthaithong@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:   84383303185

Facility Assistant:

Name: Dang Van Lanh

Email : dvlanh@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:   84939777378

Administration officer:

Name: Le Thi Gai, BSc, MSc

Email : ltgai@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile: 84917697929

General Secretary:

Name: Dr Nguyen Thi Thao Linh, MD, MSc

Email : nttlinh@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile: 84939043348

4. Staffs

The total number of staff members is 219. Among them, 70% are lecturers with postgraduate degrees. Currently, the Faculty of Medicine has 01 Professor, 08 Associate Professors, 22 PhD, 109 Masters of Science in Medicine, 17 Specialists Level II and 2 Specialists Level I . At that time, there are 30 candidates undertaking PhD training and 28 candidates undertaking Master Degree.

5. Departments

The Faculty has 27 departments, including:

1. Department of Anatomy

            Head: A/ Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Lam, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84913974351

Email: nvlam@ctump.edu.vn

2. Department of Physiology

            Head: A/ Prof. Nguyen Trung Kien, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84918079797   84943848691

Email:  ntkien@ctump.edu.vn

3. Department of Biochemistry

            Head: Dr Tran Thi Thu Thao, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84908659946

Email: tttthao@ctump.edu.vn

4. Department of Histo-Embryology

            Head: Dr Nguyen Van Doi. MD, MSc

Mobile: 84979997538

Email: : nvdoi@ctump.edu.vn

5. Department of Microbiology

Head: Dr Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84908 600 366

Email: haiyenydct@yahoo.com, nthyen@ctump.edu.vn

6. Department of Parasitolgy

Head: Dr Doan Van Quyen, MD, Specialist Grade II

Mobile: 84917272715

Email: dvquyen@ctump.edu.vn

7. Department of Hematology

Head: Dr Le Thi Hoang My, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84913848691

Email: lthmy@ctump.edu.vn

8. Department of Pathophysiology and Immunology

Head: A/ Prof. Tran Ngoc Dung, MD, PhD.

Mobile: 84918718127

Email: tranngocdung@ctump.edu.vn

9. Department of Pathology

Head: Dr Nguyen Van Luan, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84989004905

Email: nvluan@ctump.edu.vn

10. Department of Internal Medicine

Head: Dr Ngo Van Truyen, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84919245648

Email: nvtruyen@ctump.edu.vn

11. Department of Surgery

            Head: Prof. Dr Pham Van Linh, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84913425422

Email: pvlinh@ctump.edu.vn

12. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG)

Head: Dr Nguyen Quoc Tuan, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84909788778

Email: nqtuan@ctump.edu.vn

13. Department of Pediatrics

            Head: Dr Trung Ngoc Phuoc, MD, Specialist Grade II

Mobile: 84918707328

Email: tnphuoc@ctump.edu.vn

14. Department of Orthopedics

Head: Dr Pham Viet Trieu, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84913817315

Email: pvtrieu1959@yahoo.com

15. Department of Rehabilitation

Head: Dr Nguyen Duong Hanh, MD, MPH

Mobile: 84918822294

Email: ndhanh@ctump.edu.vn

16. Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Head: Dr Duong Huu Nghi, MD, Specialist Grade II. 

Mobile: 84913706313

Email: dhnghi@ctump.edu.vn

17. Department of Ophthalmology

Head: Dr Le Minh Ly, MD, PhD

Email : lmly@ctunmp.edu.vn

Mobile: 84913145424

18. Department of Traditional Medicine

                        Head: Dr Le Thi My Tien, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84939625936

Email: lethimytien@ctump.edu.vn

19. Department of Dermato-venereology

Head: A/ Prof. Dr Huynh Van Ba, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84908831414

Email: hvba@ctump.edu.vn

20. Department of Tuberculosis

Head: Dr Tran Thanh Hung, MD, MPH, MSc

Mobile: 84913185681

Email: tthung@ctump.edu.vn

21. Department of Family Medicine

            Head: Dr Thai Thi Ngoc Thuy, MD, MSc

Mobile : 84946453787

Email: ttnthuy@ctump.edu.vn

22. Department of Infectious Diseases

Head: Dr Le Cong Hanh, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84918868277

Email: lchanh@ctump.edu.vn

23. Department of Psychiatry

Head: Dr Nguyen Van Thong, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84965050818

Email: nvthong@ctump.edu.vn

24. Department of Oncology

Head: Tang Kim Son, MD, PhD.

Mobile: 84913706452

Email: tkson@ctump.edu.vn

25. Department of Imaging Diagnosis

Head: Nguyen Vu Dang, MD, PhD

Mobile: 84944093977

Email: nvdang@ctump.edu.vn

26. Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation.

Head: Dr Vu Van Kim Long, MD, MSc

Mobile: 84918830383

Email: vvklong@ctump.edu.vn

27. Department of Neurology

             Head: Dr Le Van Minh MD, PhD

Email : lvminh@ctump.edu.vn

Mobile:  84989369975

6. Academics

Over the past 40 years, our faculty has already trained and supplied over 11.000 medical doctors who are also the main human resource for the healthcare providers in the Mekong Delta. In 2005, the Faculty started offering the first training program of Specialist Level 1 in Internal Medicine and Surgery. In 2007, the Faculty opened new courses of Specialist Level 1 in OBG, Pediatrics and ENT. Later, with this expansion, the University collaborated with Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy to open the first courses of  Clinical  Specialist Level II in Internal Medicine, Surgery, OBG and Pediatrics. In 2009, the Faculty offered the first courses of Specialist Level II in Internal Medicine and Surgery which were organized and carried out by the Faculty of Medicine of CTUMP itself. In 2010, first new training programs on Master and Residency were opened and since that time, multiple variations of training programs have been opened continuously including: Basic Laparoscopic Surgery, ENT Surgery, General Ultrasonography and many other certificates in clinical fields.


7. Research and International Cooperation

The researches play important roles in improving quality of healthcare services, surveying and investigating local disease patterns. In addition, it is indispensable to continue medical education in academic environment and community healthcare practices. The Faculty also maintains linking, organizing and regulating co-researches as well as concurrently exchanging and transfering of new medical technologies in various fields such as surgery, ENT, O&G, Pediatrics, Phaco Surgery in opthalmology.

Since the first days of establishment, many collaborations have been established between our faculty with different foreign institutes of the Netherlands, Australia, France, the United States, Japan, Italy, Laos, China, Hongkong and so on. Multiple projects have been conducted consisting of Family Medicine, Maternal Health, Aids for Mekong Delta Health Care System and Vietnam-Netherland Projects. The purpose of these projects is to exchange, reinforce and continue educating medical staffs in profession through short training courses, researches, Master and PhD training. They are also to help designing syllabus and curriculum, upgrade infrastructure, skilllabs and laboratories. In recent years, student exchange has gradually developed. The Faculty has signed several education exchange projects and programs with other universities and associations  around the world such as Boston University, USA (2003-2009), Group Health Global Health (GHGH), USA (2010-2014), then Medical Educational Exchange Teams (MEET), USA (from 2016 up to now), University of Washington (UW), USA (from 2014 up to now), Liege University, Belgium (from 2013 up to now) and, Ghent University, Belgium (2013 up to now).

8. Other Activities

Lecturers are encouraged and supported to attend CME conferences, short national and international training courses. In addition, the Faculty has organized training for staffs in Active Teaching and Learning, Student Assessment and Testing Methods, Credit of Philosophy and Higher Education Methodology with thousands of participants. The Faculty has also organized and regularly assessed academic performance of lecturers following the national geneneral principles and rules.

Moreover, there are concerns of the Faculty to conjoint and attach to  Communist Party and National Labour Association, thereby engaging in charity activities including medical examination, visiting former leaders of Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy, organizing annual meeting of Vienamese Women Day, visiting families according to national assistance policy , visiting the university staffs upon family events care and compensation for families with wounded veterans and martyrs, taking care of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, donating for charity fund ‘Golden Heart”, supporting the poor and aiding for natural disasters. Since 2003, the Faculty has organized multiple charitable medical check-up and provided free medicines for more than 50,000 residents in the rural areas and families under national aiding policy with total cost up to 90,000,000 VND.

Additionally, the Faculty has joined and supported the ‘Learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral’ campaign, disseminating and popularizing its content to every unit in the University, combining and interlacing these elements into the competition activities in the University which have been stated in the plans and actions in each quarter and session of the courses.

Annually, our faculty organizes Macchabee ceremony to thank people donating their bodies for teaching and training in medicine fields, traditional cultural events and music shows in the  National Festivals.