University Etiquette

A Guide to CTUMP – University Etiquette 

Living and studying in Vietnam will give you an opportunity to explore a historic, unique and rapidly developing country. To ensure you have the best experience at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy as our international visitors, invitees, students, we offer proactive support services and activities during your stay. We encourage you to get involved and be part of our community with Vietnamese students to make the most of your time in Vietnam. 

In social situations, in order to make the best impression possible, it is good to bear in mind the following: 

Language and Communication:

Vietnamese is the only official language in Vietnam. It is not too difficult to communicate in English when you stay at the University. However, for the best outcome when having lectures, you are supposed to speak more slowly and clearly. 

Subordinates tend to address their superiors with “sir”, “ma’am”, “miss”, or “professor”. While colleagues and peers are often addressed with first name. 

Don’t touch an adult’s head or shoulders, don’t point with fingers (use your whole hand). Don’t pass any items over the head of someone else. 

Dress code:

There is no law for a dress code in Vietnam actually, but, in general people are mostly allowed to wear what they like. However, it would be wise to dress appropriately when you are in the university campus. A short or long-sleeved collared shirt and long trousers/jeans are considered standard in most cases. 


Vietnamese are very conversational. Great people you meet by shaking their hand and saying “xin chao”. In any case, it’s always good to master some quick works and expressions. Not only it will facilitate your communication with locals – very few of them speak fluent English, but you are guaranteed to get a smile in return.

A Visual Guide to CTUMP University Etiquette:


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