1. Function

Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs plays its advisory role to the Rector Board of Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP) in conducting the university entrance examination and training for undergraduate level, including planning, curriculum development, teaching and learning methods, assessment of learning outcomes in accordance with the National regulations on education and training.

2. Tasks

2.1. Management of Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

1)Coordinating the preparation and organization of university entrance examination in accordance with the National regulations and legal documents for entrance examination.

2)Coordinating the development and update of education programs of all undergraduate training forms, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of training programs of CTUMP;

3)Developing and monitoring the implementation of teaching, learning and other plans in the academic year for all modules were assigned;

4)Coordinating the development of training rules, teaching and learning regulations for undergraduate education activities to comply with legal documents on education issued by the Government;

5)Collaborating with Student Affairs Department to manage and monitor the learning activities of undergraduate students;

6)Collaborating with the Faculty/Department, Examination Center, Quality Assurance Canter, Student Affairs Department, and Financial and Accounting Department to organize and supervise the evaluation activities of undergraduate training;

7)Planning to supervise the training process to improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical and field training, and the training courses in hospitals and health centers in Can Tho City and other Mekong Delta.

8) Proposing forms of examination; aggregating graduation examination results and other data to report to the Graduate Council in accordance with undergraduate training regulations; and accomplishing graduation procedures for students.

Currently, CTUMP has more than 8,500 undergraduate students with eight regular training programs:

1. Doctor of Medicine,

2. Doctor of Odonto – Maxillo Stomatology,

3. Doctor of Preventive Medicine,

4. Doctor of Traditional Medicine,

5. Bachelor of Pharmacy,

6.  Bachelor of Nursing,

7.  Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine Technique, and

8.  Bachelor of Public Health.

2.2. National and international cooperation

1)Coordinating the collaborative training activities of undergraduate level between CTUMP and other schools and universities;

2)Collaborating with other departments and faculties to monitor and manage the undergraduate training activities in international cooperation programs;

3)Coordinating with local and international universities or organizations to conduct training and research activities on training activities and teaching methods.

2.3. Information Management, Data Storage and Report

1) Involving in the development and management of the database system of undergraduate training forms;

2) Managing and storing the records, documents relating to the function and tasks of Undergraduate Education Department;

3)  Managing and supporting students of registered credits and other work-related learning;

4) Collaborating with Student Affairs Department to manage and monitor the learning activities of undergraduate students;

5) Monitoring the leaning results of undergraduate students (updating the marks on website, printing the academic transcripts of students, etc.);

6)  Making periodic and unscheduled reports about undergraduate education activities at the request of HUPH Management Board;

7) Considering the accuracy, logical, legal of documents related to enrollment, training contracts;

2.4. Other tasks

8) Preparing official introduction correspondence to hospitals, health centers, field sites and other activities including funding, form of payment; monitoring plan; etc. for field training of undergraduate education;

9) Proposing and implementing the studies, which related to the management of undergraduate education and improvement undergraduate education quality;

10) Coordinating secretary activities of the Scientific and Training Council of CTUMP;

11) Other activities according to planned of CTUMP and assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training…


Leaders of Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

-      Tran Viet An (MD, Ph.D, email: tvan@ctump.edu.vn): Head of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

-   Nguyen Tan Dat (MD, MPH; email: ntdat@ctump.edu.vn; cell: (+84) 918 972 083): Deputy head of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

-     Pham Kieu Anh Tho (MD, MPH; email: pkatho@ctump.edu.vn): Deputy head of Undergraduate Academic Affairs


Contact information

Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs – Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy
179, Nguyen Van Cu Street, An Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam

Tel: (+84) 292 383 1531 or (+84) 292 3508873

Email: daotao@ctump.edu.vn