I. Introduction

The predecessor was the library of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of Can Tho University. Due to the Faculty Library finite size, the capital of documents and activities was still limited. In 2002, Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy was officially established. On December 2010, the library officially moved to a new facility on the 2nd floor, building B2, Faculty of Medicine, Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Phone: (+84) 292 3733 381

Email: thuvien@ctump.edu.vn

Website: http://lib.ctump.edu.vn/

II. Organization





Dr. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen


Vice head

Dr. Le Thi Hoang My



1.Le Van Giap

2.Bui Tran Phuong Uyen

3.Tran Linh Phuong

4.Tran Thuy Lam Thao

5.Huynh Phan Tuong Vi

6.Nguyen Vu Phuong Lan

7.Nguyen Thi Dang

8.Do Trung Hien

9.Cao Luong Binh











III. Mission

The CTUMP library provides resources, services, and spaces that enable and support staff and students to succeed in their research, teaching, and learning. The library has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in archiving, exploiting information materials, and serving training, scientific research, and management activities of the University through the use of various types of documents.

IV. Regulations and forms (latest)

1.General rules:

-Always wear student cards and formal clothes.

-Present the student/employee identification card to the librarian when entering the library.

-Speak softly, walk lightly, and maintain general hygiene.

-Food and drink are not allowed in the library.

-Don’t take the documents out of the library without permission.

2.Opening hours:

-         The working time is from Monday to Saturday:

·         Monday: 9:00 – 18:00

·         Tuesday – Friday: 7:00 – 18:00

·         Saturday: Morning: 7:00 – 11:00; Afternoon: 13:00 – 17:00

·         Sunday and holidays: closed

-         In particular circumstances such as admissions, summer time, etc., the library will announce specific schedules for each room on the website.

3.Library resources and services:

-Document usage:

+ Printed documents: borrowing services in day and overnight

+ Electronic documents: using electronic library software to read documents online.

-Computers rooms: all for free at the library, register to use at the reception desk.

-Discussion rooms: one of the library's public services, register online at the library website or directly at the reception desk.

-Library account: Readers log in via provided accounts on the library website for loan or repayment schedules and online renewals.

-Library guides: from basic to advanced

+ Basic: searching and accessing library databases

+ Advanced: Accessing free online databases on the internet

+ Citation: How to properly cite references

-References services: provides reference list, provides full text, foreign and domestic resources. The fee applies according to the Library's service policy

-Information consultation: Type the information you need to support into the “chat box” at the library website: http://lib.ctump.edu.vn/

-OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue: search for the books and resources online of the library via the library’s website: http://lib.ctump.edu.vn/module/tim-sach

V. Activities (from 2020 – 2022)

Every year, the library organizes activities on book fairs, monthly themed book exhibitions, book introduction contests and thematic activities in conjunction with other units in CTUMP.

-Book review contest, themed "White Coat Warrior", taking place from February 21, 2022 - February 28, 2022 with more than 30 entries and more than 800 interactions on fanpage Library.

-Online book fair of Cdimex company, taking place from April 11, 2022 - April 17, 2022, selling discounted books to students, attracting many purchases.

Inter-library exchange links with other universities such as: University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Can Tho University, etc.

In addition, the library also has a group of library collaborators with members who are students of different majors with a love of books and library activities.

The handmade flower basket activity of the group of library collaborators on the occasion of International Women's Day 8/3 attracted a lot of support from staff and lecturers in the school.

Joint activity with Student Affairs Department: “Training students on copyright and piracy in schools today” on April 24, 2022

Workshop "Introduction to UptoDate database" took place on the afternoon of April 29, 2022, organized by Wolters Kluwer Health and the Library in two forms, directly at the Nursing faculty hall and online. through the Zoom platform, attracting more than 400 officials, lecturers and students to attend.

Organized thematic session "References for scientific research" for the group of library collaborators on September 17, 2022.