I. Introduction:

Organization: consisting of 22 staff members, 91% of whom are getting Master degree or higher, 5 of whom are Professors, Associate Professors, and Doctors. The faculty has 05 departments including: Health Organization and Management, Epidemiology, Statistics and Population, Environmental Health, Food Safety and Nutrition.

-         Facilities: 01 computer room, 01 Nutrition and Food Safety practice room.

-         Practical Training Institutions: Can Tho Preventative Medical Center, Center for Health Communication, Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, Agency of Food Safety and Hygiene, Medical Centers and more than 50 wards  of Can Tho city, Binh Minh ward, Binh Tan district (Vinh Long province), Chau Thanh district (Hau Giang province).

2.  Education and scientific research:

2.1. Education:

-      Undergraduate programs:

F Bachelor of Public Health

F Preventative Medical Doctor

-         Postgraduate programs:

F Specialist Level 1 of Public Health

F Specialist Level 1 of Preventative Medicine

F Specialist Level 2 of Medical Management

F Specialist Level 2 of Public Health

F Specialist Level 2 of Preventative Medicine

F Master of Public Health

F Master of Preventative Medicine

F Doctor of Public Health

-         Continuing medical education:

F Scientific researching method: Program duration: 02 weeks.

o   Target: capability to develop basic draft and deploying to collect data of scientific research.

F Statistical analysis with SPSS/Stata software:  Program curriculum: 06 sessions.

o   Target: capability to use SPSS/Stata in statistical analysis.

F Medical economics

 Target: providing the knowledge and skills in term of Economics, Medical Economics, Medical Finance, Hospital Charges, and Health Insurance.


2.2. Scientific research and international collaboration:

-         Previous programs and projects of international collaboration:

o    Vietnam-Netherlands project for “Promoting the ability of Epidemiological Training and Taking Care of Initial Health” (1995-2012)

o   Project in cooperation with Queensland University of Technology -QUT (Australia) for “Promoting the ability of Public Health training” (2007-2011)

o   Nuffic Netherlands project for “Promoting the ability of Preventive Medical training and research” (2007-2011)

o   Cooperation with China Medical Board organization, Washington DC in “Training based on community” (2012-2015).

o    International collaboration in scientific research: University of Washington (the United States), Antwerpen University (Belgium), Health national research institute (the United States).

-         Scientific research:

o   Previous provincial level researching topics and international collaboration:

F             Perinatal Depression.

F  Studying the risk factors of non-infectious diseases.

F              Studying the models of illnesses and the burden of fatality.

F              Studying the causes of death of children from ethnic minority who are less than one year old in the Southwest of Vietnam.

F  Studying the background of hepatitis-B vaccination with the dosage for children and infants in Mekong Delta.

F  Studying the relationship between traumas and alcohol consumption in Can Tho Central General hospital.

F Surveying Insect-ology and the effect on the economy of dengue in Can Tho city.

F Promoting the awareness of community about domestic waste processing in Can Tho city.

F  Studying the causes of death in provinces and cities of Mekong Delta.

F  Studying the background of injuries caused by accidents in provinces and cities of Mekong Delta.

o   The faculty has published the studies in multiple domestic and international scientific conferences annually and has published 10-20 scientific articles on University, Domestic, and International journals.

o   Since 2012, the faculty started to win awards for its scientific studies in the University’s and International youth science conferences.

o   In addition, the faculty also provides consultative services on basic draft design , log collection deployments, and analyzing and writing Research Reports.

Some pictures from Public Health Faculty ‘s activities:


Faculty of Public Health Staffs


Students practice in the Lab practical skills on Nutrition and Food Safety


Community practice at medical station



Students in first-course class of Bachelor of Public


Workshop on Planning for project implementation through community-based teaching with Professor Pamela Wright