Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology (FoNMT) is one of the six faculties of Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP). Along with general direction of University, FoNMT continues to promote and expand international cooperation with many organizations in many activities. FoNMT maintains annually cooperation activities with Medical Education Exchange Team (MEET) and the University of Washington, Hogent, Artevelde with many considerable achievements. In addition, lecturers and students of FoNMT have worked with many universities, organizations and companies related to nursing training and labor export.

Annual cooperation activities of FoNMT:

1. Education exchange with University College Ghent (Hogent - Belgium): cooperation agreement between CTUMP and Hogent was signed in 2015 and FoNMT has received 3 groups of students from Hogent coming to Can Tho for internship courses (3 months/course) with 4 – 10 students for each group. FoNMT has also sent 2 groups of students to Belgium (2 students/group) for internship courses. All of the students going abroad for internship (from Belgium and Vietnam) gave positive feedbacks on cultural and healthcare environment experiences.

2. Education exchange with Artevelde University College Ghent (Belgium): FoNMT welcomed 2 students from Artevelde coming to Cantho for their internship for 4 months with positive feedbacks. FoNMT and Artevelde are planning for the upcoming student exchanges.

3. Education exchange with MEET and University of Washington: FoNMT has organized classes of training practice and exchanged clinical experience with specialists.



Mr.Marc Dheaze – Lecturer of University College Ghent met nursing students in 2017


Lecturer of University College Ghent in nursing class


Meeting with lecturers from Artevelde University College Ghent



CTUMP’s nursing students in health care trade fair (Belgium – 2018)


Weekend of Hogent’s students in Vietnam

 Aperiodic activities:

1. Seminar of wound care, nutrition for patients after surgery….

2. Meeting about education exchange with Universities from Thailand, Taiwan, US…

3. Organizing meeting between nursing students and companies providing nursing training and labor export


Meeting with Chulalongkon (Thailand) about cooperation in research and education exchange


Tsukui (Japan) met nursing students to introduce labor export service

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