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On October 20th, 2019, Scientific Research and International Cooperation Office - Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy associated with Medical English Speaking Club of Medicine Faculty organized a workshop on “U.S, UGRAD and Us” for students of the university. This is one in series of activities purposing to help students getting access to information about scholarship of studying abroad or exchanging students programs of Scientific Research and International Cooperation Office. The workshop attracted more than 100 attendants.

The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) is an international educational and cultural exchange program that brings future leaders to the United States to experience the U.S. educational system, enhance their knowledge, and explore U.S. culture and values, sponsored by the U.S [1]. It is organized by Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by World Learning. It also affords students the opportunity to share their cultures and traditions with people in the United States [2].

The workshop welcomed Miss NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Thu, student of Ho Chi Minh city National University, Miss NGUYEN Thi Hao, student of Ha Noi University of Medicine, Miss VU Hoai Thu, student of Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, Mr. NGUYEN Hoang Tuan, student of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Young students are founders and coordinators of UGRADERS in Vietnam organization and also excellent students selected to receive Global UGRAD scholarship in season 2018 to undergo a semester at different universities over the U.S. About university representatives, workshop welcomed Mrs. NGUYEN Thi Nhu Trang, Scientific Research and International Cooperation Office and representatives of Medical English Speaking club (MESC). Having been successful in applying for the Global UGRAD as well as studying in the U.S, young rapporteurs brought attendants a remarkable variety of concerned information such as cultural features, educational system, policies and student life in the U.S; standards of candidates, important marks of time, especially those are recipes to distinguish yourself in application for the scholarship.

Throughout impressive presentations during the workshop, students really had a closer and more specific view about studying abroad, especially in the U.S. The workshop also inspired and brought them new plants and new opportunities for their academic future.




Mrs. NGUYEN Thi Nhu Trang, members of MESC and rapporteurs from UGRADERS in Vietnam before the workshop time
Mrs. NGUYEN Thi Nhu Trang and Miss Nguyen Thi Hao were in discussion
Miss NGUYEN Thi Hao was sharing about standards for candidates
Miss NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Thu was sharing about memories in her semester in the U.S

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